Hey! I'm Jacob Jergensen, I've been doing graphics design for 10 years now, I've worked my way up from using GIMP to more professional software such as Photoshop. I've used my skills to secure a position with Butler Grizzlies Football team where I mainly worked as a videographer. Whilst this wasn't my ideal path, I never gave up working on graphics design! I am able to help with videography, graphic design and web design! Feel free to message me for more info and rates. I'm very flexible and aim to deliver ASAP.

After Effects
Microsoft Office
Tech Support
PC Repair
Project Management
Business Management
Premiere Pro
Logo Design
It Takes A Village

ITAV (It Takes A Village) was created by Derrick Blount in 2019 with a sole purpose. Educate, enlighten and lift individuals to grow in both their personal lives and professional careers. Whether you're looking to build a career or interested in obtaining generational wealth, ITAV will put you in touch with experts and offer programs to help achieve your specific goals.

Creator Derrick Blount believes in order for people to achieve success it takes a VILLAGE. A village of people focusing not only on their own personal goals, but helping others achieve there's as well!

Beaded Copper
No Slogan

Beaded Copper is the pseudonym that my Dad sells his copper wire creations online under. His creations are usually limited to trees, but recently he has expanded to pendants, broaches, and even coasters.

Westgate Apartments
Maintenance Free Luxury Living

This project was done as a client project for a Wichita local who needed an online presence for the apartment complex

The project is just a static HTML web site using JavaScript and CSS animations to liven it it

Titan Armor
Built Titan Tough

This project was done as a client project for an Oklahoma local looking to impress people in the armor industry with his new Titan Alloy™

The project started with the logo and spread from there to the website and the SEO as well. Everything is built on the DiRez Dev framework Zed™ and is built with users in mind

3 Monkey Games - Player Panel
Your supplier for Family Friendly Fun.

After completion of the homepage for 3 Monkey Games it was on to the hard part, the player panel.

The player panel presented many challenges, but also inspired many new ideas. The panel quickly became something that was both a child of Wes and I's minds and a collaboration of ideas.

Butler Grizzlies Football (2017 Season)
With Each Other, For Each Other, As Grizzlies

The 2017 season has quickly crafted some of my very best work. Still working without a partner and only under my own supervision I have honed my skills in Adobe Premiere.

Four seasons of experience and practice have lead to what I believe to be my best work to date.

We've come to show the world what NA play is really about.

PXL PLAYERS eSports is a eSports organization specializing in Counter Strike. They also have teams in Player Unknown's Battle Grounds and Rainbow Six: Siege

This project was highly involved in that I did a complete rebranding for the team including a new logo, website, twitter head, and team avatars.

3 Monkey Games - Homepage
Your supplier for Family Friendly Fun.

I was contacted in March by Wes, founder of 3 Monkey Games, to take what he had crafted in GoDaddy's website builder and build it out to a full-fledged website that would house the apps he had in development

This project began by creating the homepage and would continue into many other projects to come, including the player admin panel.

Butler Grizzlies Football (2016 Season)
With Each Other, For Each Other, As Grizzlies

What started as work for a scholarship quickly became something that I greatly enjoyed and continued after concluding my college experience at Butler.

The 2016 season was my first season working without a partner, and also the first season working under only the supervision of myself.

Tweedles Prints
If You Can Think It, We Can Make It

Tweedles Prints is a Graphic Design Firm that mainly focuses on posters. The company was founded by myself as well as a friend of mine Caleb Cook.

Tweedles sells posters on Etsy as well as taking on graphic design clients for all types of print work. Tweedles was later renamed to Jergensen Designs after Caleb Cook left his position.

Butler Grizzlies Football (2014-2015 Season)
With Each Other, For Each Other, As Grizzlies

I started my first semester of college with a scholarship from the Butler Grizzlies football team as a highlight filmer.

Working alongside my partner Elijah we film the game from the sideline and create highlight reels to get the players pumped before each game.

Bowtie and Monocle Comics
Classy Comics on Occasion

Bowtie and Monocle Comics was an idea started by my good friend Elijah who has always wanted to do web comics but has not had a proper outlet. I created this website for me, him, and another friend. So far he has been the only one to create a comic consistently.

The site has become a side project for both of us as we've been busy with the Butler Grizzlies Highlight Videos, but is still a fun spot to check out funny and slightly sadistic comics.

Tickle Pet
Can You Keep Your Pet Alive?

This project was used as my final for my Senior year of high-school and was displayed on an iPad in front of 3 judges.

The code is sloppy and messy but was mainly used to show how the web is also a valuable source of apps now. It has been discontinued due to the fact that I coded it so sloppily, but you never know I may start it back up again.

C. Cook Steamworks
For All Your Steampunk Needs

A project I did for a friend, Caleb Cook, who does Steampunk costumes and various items of the sort.

Site was never posted so there is no link, but it will hopefully be posted later on.

Pixel A Piece
What Can You Say In A 16 x 16 Pixel

Another personal project done with my good friend Jamie Davies. He did most of the backend while I coded everything to do with creating and editing pixels as well as the flash pixel editor.

We came up with the idea because we wanted to give people a creative outlet while also giving them restrictions so that they had to think of what they could fit within the 16 x 16 "Pixel".

Intellect on the Go
No Slogan

Intellect on the Go is a app that helps kids get through school easily by providing online resources for note taking, flash cards, practice test, etc.

This is a personal project started by me and then later into the project Jamie Davies was brought on for assistance.

A Social Network for Minecraft

A project that I joined my friend Jamie Davies on part of the way through to help with design.

After an overhaul on the design I went into adding some games to the site as well as fixing some PHP problems.

This was my first encounter with PHP and is what really got me into Web Development.

Fill The Glass
No Slogan

Fill The Glass is an app I assisted in the design of with a friend I'm no longer in contact with. The app itself is quite fun but also quite incomplete.

The original plans were to add things such as an online level creator as well as downloadable level packs but I lost contact with the developer.

The Classroom Can Be A Warzone As Well

This project was originally created as a war board game during my sophomore year of highschool for a game design class.

The original board of the game was based on my highschools layout with weapons based on individual classrooms such as ruler swords and dodgeball chuckers. This project has remained unfinished for many years, but I am considering restarting the Flash version of it.

Work Experience
Freelance Web Development, GoGo WebDev
McPherson, Kansas - 2013 - 2015

Web Developer and Designer in charge of completing projects for clients assigned by Chris Goering.

Technical Support, Butler Community College
Andover, Kansas - 2014 - 2016

I work as a "Tec-E" at Butler Community College, answering phone calls or going to classrooms and setting up new computers/fixing old ones.

Graphic Artist, Kansas BG
Park City, KS - 2017
Graphic Artist in charge of promo materials such as menus and banners for local dealerships as well as keeping the Kansas BG website up to date.
Web Designer, Silvergear
Wichita, KS - 2017 - 2018

I helped in the creation and maintenance of websites for many of Silvergear's clients. During my time at Silvergear I earned a lot of experience with WordPress, Concrete5, and many other CMS softwares

Augusta High School - Augusta, Kansas
Graduated 2014 - GPA: 2.83
Butler Community College - Andover, Kansas
Current - GPA: 3.11
Kellee Roberts
Wes Smith